2021 ACA Convention

July 23-25, 2021, St. Louis, MO

Make plans to attend the cichlid event of the year!

About 2021 ACA

Enjoy a weekend of all things Cichlid, fishy talk and fellowship – attend the 2021 ACA convention with Cichlid enthusiasts of all ages and experience.  Registered attendees can expect world class speakers, manufacturer & vendor booths, an ACA hospitality suite and fish being sold throughout the hotel.

Don’t get left out, use 2021 to make up for staying at home in 2020!

Pat Tosie

Pat Tosie

2021 ACA Convention Chairman


The ’21 ACA Convention will be within easy driving distance for most and with good flight connections to the rest of the country and internationally.  After being cooped up due to COVID there will be extra special attendance and everyone will be bringing their newest acquisitions, spawned and ready to distribute!  Get ready to party with your buddies and go home with new fish!



This three day event will feature a full slate of 5 speakers, an extra special vendor/manufacturer’s room, a tank rental room and a hopping hospitality room.  Attendee room sales will be found throughout the venue and are expected to be up this year.  The ACA has asked not to have a Show but the Convention will finish with a large Cichlid only auction to get you ready for the next one.



Join fellow Cichlid enthusiasts at the 2021 American Cichlid Association Convention in St Louis, MO, July 23-25!  A special Convention after 2020 was cancelled, 2021 will be jointly hosted by the Missouri Aquarium Society (MASI) and the ACA.  MASI is a champion convention convener having now hosted 4 for the ACA as well as numerous other conventions for the ALA, AKA, AGA and other national Associations.

Schedule of Events

Day 1 - Friday - Jul 23

8AM – 10PM – Tank delivery, show & rental room setup

8AM – 10PM – Vendor Room Set, Tank Rental Room Set up

12PM – 7PM – Registration Open

3PM – 6PM – BABES silent auction tables

3PM – 4PM – Steve Edie: On Keeping Tanganyika Cichlids

4:30PM – 5:30PM – Pam Chin: Tropheus

6PM – 7PM – Dave Schumacher: Lake Malawi Mbuna

7PM – 8:30PM – Dinner Break

8:30PM – 9:30PM – Don Danko: History of Central American Cichlids

10PM – 12AM – BABES Auction

10PM – 2AM – Hospitality Room Open

Day 2 - Saturday - Jul 24

8:30AM – 3PM – Open Registration

9AM – 5PM – Tank Rental Room and BABES Auction tables Open

9AM – 5PM – Vendor Room Open

9:30AM – 10:30AM – Dave Schumacher: Victoria Basin Cichlids

11AM – 12PM – Don Danko: Mouthbrooding Cichlids of Lake Tanganyika

12PM – 1:30PM – Lunch Break

1:30PM – 2:30PM – Pam Chin: Swimming with Cichlids – Lake Tanganyika

3PM – 4PM – Rusty Wessel: Cichlid’s with Livebearers

3PM – 5PM – Sunday Auction Pre-registration available

5PM – 6PM – Social Hour

6PM – 7:30PM – Banquet

7:30PM – 9PM – Keynote Speaker Steve Edie: The Talk

10:30PM –2AM – Hospitality Room Open

Day 3 - Sunday - Jul 25

9AM – 6PM – Tank Rental Room Breakdown

9AM – 6PM – Vendor Room Open/ Breakdown

10AM – 6PM – Auction (rules will be posted by June 15, 2021)

Featured Talks & Speakers

These world-class speakers are giving a 9 talks throughout the weekend for an unforgettable adventure in cichlids.

Dave Schumacher

Dave Schumacher has been an avid aquarist from a young age. Getting his first job at 16 as “the reptile guy” at a local pet store specializing in cichlids, he quickly found he enjoyed the fish even more than the lizards and turtles he had started with. Dave worked for Armke’s Rare Aquarium Fish while in college, which was the go-to source for cichlids in the hobby during the 90s and 2000s.

Rusty Wessel

Rusty maintains over 8000 gallons of freshwater aquariums in a state of the art fish house constructed specifically for fish. The 90-plus aquariums predominantly contain cichlids and livebearers, which he successfully raises and breeds.

Pam Chin

I have been a tropical fish enthusiast for years and cichlids are my passion. The organized hobby has been a big part of my fish keeping life and I enjoy the social aspect it offers. It has given me the opportunity to find the fish I desire, and to learn more about them. Over the years I have made lifelong fish friends and they have enriched my hobby even more.

Don Danko

Don Danko is a cichlid enthusiast, author, photographer, collector and speaker with more than 30 years experience with these amazing creatures. He has written many articles on collecting, keeping and breeding cichlids from Central America, Lake Tanganyika and other locations. He enjoys maintaining 28 large cichlid aquariums that are equipped with an automatic water changing system to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Steve Edie

Steve Edie has been keeping fish since the Eisenhower administration. (ref: Wikipedia) He has kept almost every kind of fish available, and some that weren’t. He now keeps about 1,200 gallons of freshwater aquariums, with a preference toward Rift Lake Cichlids. He has had good success in maintaining many different species and moderate success at breeding them.

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