Dave Schumacher

Dave's Rare Aquarium Fish

Dave Schumacher has been an avid aquarist from a young age.  Getting his first job at 16 as "the reptile guy" at a local pet store specializing in cichlids, he quickly found he enjoyed the fish even more than the lizards and turtles he had started with.  Dave worked for Armke's Rare Aquarium Fish while in college, which was the go-to source for cichlids in the hobby during the 90s and 2000s.  In 2006, he bought the company, changed the name to Dave's Rare Aquarium Fish, and moved to San Antonio, Texas.  Dave has been a part of the Hill Country Cichlid Club since it was founded in 2004, and has served 2 terms as a board member and secretary of the American Cichlid Association.

Lake Malawi Mbuna: Friday @ 6:00pm

Victoria Basin Cichlids: Saturday @ 9:30am