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Look through the list below.  Choose your Class and how many fish you will enter to be judged.

124 tanks will be available for showing your fish.

Please fill out the names of your entries on the checkout page.  The form will look like this.


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Show Rules:

  1. Entries are open to all who have registered for the ACA 2022 Convention.
  2. No limit on the number of entries per exhibitor.
  3. No entry will be in more than one class.
  4. One entry per tank.
  5. Entry Deadlines
  6. All entry fees and entry forms must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. (EST) on July 1, 2022.  The cost for each entry is $5.
  7. Exhibit set up time will be on Wednesday, July 27, and Thursday, July 28 from 8 AM – 5 PM, and Friday, July 29 from 8 AM – 5 PM.  No entries may be benched on Saturday, July 30.
  8. If any exhibit needs to be relocated for any reason only Show Committee Staff will be allowed to do so.
  9. Tampering with any exhibit other than your own is strictly forbidden.
  10. Judging will take place on Saturday from 7:30 – 9 AM.  Only the judges will be permitted in the showroom during this time.
  11. Decisions of the judges on class changes, disqualifications, and show results will be final.
  12. A custom fine art painting by Charles Davis will be given for winning the exhibit of each division.
  13. A custom fine art painting by Charles Davis will be given for the first place of each class.
  14. Certificates will be awarded for the second and third places of each class.
  15. Indicate if a 10G or 20G tank is desired.

Class 1 Amphilophus, Large Ex-Cichlasoma & Tomocichla (Amphilophus, Ex- Cichlasoma (-bocourti, -pearsei), Tomocichla

Class 2 Herichthys, Thorichthys & Similar (Amatitlania,  Archocentrus, ExCichlasoma; all other species not in class 1, Astatheros, Crytoheros, Herotilapia, Rocio, Thorichthys)

Class 3 Paratheraps & Similar (Chuco, Hypsophrys, Neetroplus, Paratheraps, Paraneetroplus, Theraps, Vieja)

Class 4 Parachromis, Nandopsis, & Similar (Nandopsis, Petenia, Parachromis)

Class 5 Symphysodon (All Symphysodon species)

Class 6 Apistogramma, & Similar (Apistogramma, Apistogrammoides, Biotoecus, Crenicara, Dicrossus, Mikrogeophagus, Taeniacara)

Class 7 Geophagines (Acarichthys, Biotodoma, Geophagus, “Geophagus”, Gymnogeophagus, Guianacara, Retroculus, Satanoperca)

Class 8 Acaras & Similar (Aequidens, Acaroni, Australoheros, Bujurquina, Cichlasoma, Cleithracara, Hypselacara, Ivanacara, Krobia, Laetacara, Nannacara, Tahuantinsuyoa)

Class 9 Pike Cichlids (Crenicichla, Teleocichla)

Class 10 All Other South American (Astronotus, Cichla, Caquetaia, Cheatobranchopsis, Cheatobranchus, Heroina, Heros, Hoplarchus, Mazarunia, Mesonauta, Uaru)

Class 11 Lake Malawi Mbuna Group (Cynotilapia, Genyochromis, Gephyrochromis, Iodotropheus, Labeotropheus, Labidochromis, Melanochromis, Metriaclima, Petrotilapia, Pseudotropheus, Tropheops

Class 12 Lake Malawi Aulonocara Group (Aulonocara, Lethrinops, Taeniolethrinops, Tramitichromis)

Class 13 Lake Malawi Haplochromis Group (Alticorpus, Astatotilpia, Caprichromis, Chilotilapia, Copadichromis,Corematodus, Ctenopharynx, Cyrtocara, Diplotaxodon, etc.)

Class 14 Lake Tanganyika Lamprologus, Julidochromis, & Similar (Altolamp., “Lamprologus”, Lepidiolamp., Neolamprologus, Variabilichromis, Chalinochromis, Telmatochromis)

Class 15 Lake Tanganyika Featherfins, Sand-Dwellers, Cyprichromis & Similar (Asprotilapia, Aulonocranus, Bathybates, Benthochromis, Callochromis, Cardiopharynx, Cunningtonia, etc.)

Class 16 Lake Tanganyika Tropheus, Cyphotilapia, and Others not included elsewhere (Boulengerochromis, Ctenochromis, Cyphotilapia, Eretmodus, Gnathochromis, etc.)

Class 17 Chromidotilapiines (Benitochromis, Chromidotilapia, Congochromis, Divandu, Limbochromis, Nanochromis, Parananochromis, Pelvicachromis, Teleogramma, Thysochromis)

Class 18 Tilapiines & Similar (Etia, Gobiocichla, Heterochromis, Konia, Myaka, Oreochromis (including Rift Lake), Pungu, Saratherodon, Steatocranus, Stomotepia, Tilapia, Tylocromis)

Class 19 Hemichromines, Lamprologines & Similar (Anomalochromis, Hemichromis, Lamprologus, Pelmatochromis, Pterochromis)

Class 20 Haplochromines (All Lake Victoria, and Lake Victorian Basin Haplochromines, Chetia, Ctenochromis, Cyclopharynx, Orthochromis, Pharyngochromis, Pseudocrenalibrus, etc.

Class 21 Malagasy & Asian (All genera endemic to Madagascar & Asia)

– Ornamental Cichlids

Class 22  Discus (genus Symphysodon)

Class 23 Angelfish (genus Pterophyllum)

Class 24 New World Cichlids (other than Discus and Angelfish)

Class 25 Old World Cichlids

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