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Kevin Acton

Spencer Jack

Spencer has had a lifelong passion in keeping and handling tropical fish since the age of 3.  He currently owns and runs a wholesale / retail tropical fish operation The A-fish-ionados Incorporated.  Which currently has over 35 thousand gallons of aquariums.

He has been active in aquarium societies since the age of 12.  His passions for fish have lead him to collecting on four continents and spoken at countless amounts of Aquarium clubs.


After 11 years of useless university education he is a fantastic fellow to have along for a night of trivia.  Some of his other passions include hockey, golf, BBQing, Lego building and short romantic walks along the beach.

After 16 months of lock down at the time of this writing, Spencer is greatly looking forward to a return trip to the great state of Kentucky!

“Keep your head up!”

Fish Keeping Gone Wild!: Saturday @ 8:30 pm